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Abercrombie Boarding House, Huntsville

Abercrombie Boarding House, 1882-1883. (not any specified order but numbered 1-9, 10, 11-12) 1. W. R. Smith, Tyler 2. G. W. Braver-Duck Creek 3. and 10. J. B. Abercrombie and Wife, Huntsville 4. B. F. Hines, Savoy 5. W. A. Mims, Henderson 6. J. W. Fitzgerald, Tyler 7. J. D. Campbell, Chapell Hill 8. J. B. Haston, Denton 9. J. B. Doherty, Osage 11. H. V. Moutton, Mt. Pleasant 12. C. J. Livsey, Longview (see Times and Places entry 579).